St. Patrick's Catholic Community

St. Patrick's is a Stewardship Parish!
Our Stewardship Theme is The Spirit is A Movin'Stewardship of Prayer, Ministry and Finance

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In 2007 St. Patrick's Parish was recognized
as an outstanding Stewardship Parish
by the International Catholic Stewardship Council

A Christian Steward:
receives God's gifts gratefully,
nurtures God's gifts responsibly,
shares God's gifts with charity and justice, and
returns God's gifts in abundance.


Accept God's gift of life on this earth.
Accept and acknowledge the talents God has given you.
Accept financial success and what it enables you to accomplish.
Accept God's forgiveness for your imperfection.
Accept God's help on a daily basis.


Take care of your health.
Take care of your environment.
Take care to use the talents you have been given.
Take care to organize your time fruitfully.
Take care to use your finances wisely.


Give time to your family, your parish and your community.
Give your talents in ministry for the good of others.
Give of your world possessions to those in need.
Give financially in proportions to what God has given you.


Leave this earth a better place.
Leave a legacy of generosity.
Leave a spirt of love.
Leave having used your talents to the fullest.
Leave NO DOUBT that God came first in your life.

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