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START HERE! Read this post first for instructions and tips for bidding!

Welcome to our 2021 Cel O'Bration Theme Basket Raffle!

Thank you for joining us!

We have 96 different themed baskets this year!  We hope you find some favorites and get to take them home with you!

We also want to get a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated baskets, items, and theme ideas this year!

Please read through the following questions and answers before beginning:

How do I see the baskets?
Baskets can be seen by going here:
Each basket will be displayed on its own page with its own section for commenting your bids.
Only ten individual basket links will show per page, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see where you can click on Page 2, 3, etc...
To see a compiled list of all baskets, click here
      (Looking through this list first will give you an idea of what baskets are listed so you can quickly find the basket # of your favorites!)

How do I bid on my favorite baskets?
Click on the specific basket's link that you are interested in.  Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the "Comment" section.  Type your name, email, and bid amount in the designated spaces.
***What you type in the comment section is the only information others will see.  Please include your name and bid amount. Your email address will only be seen by those who will contact you when you win!***

For example:
Erin Goyette

[email protected]

Erin Goyette - $45

When does bidding end?
Bidding ends 12pm on Sunday, March 28th.
Bidding is open for two weeks so check back frequently and bid often to ensure you win your favorite baskets!  Set an alarm on your phone so you don't forget!!

How do I win?

If you have the highest bid at 12:00pm on Sunday, March 28th, you win the basket!!  We will contact you about picking up your basket!

Where will I pick up my baskets after winning?
Baskets can be paid for and picked up between 1-3pm on Sunday, March 28th at St. Patrick or Monday-Thursday 9-4pm in the parish office.  Cash or a check made out to St. Patrick is appreciated!

I won a basket, but no one contacted me.  What do I do?
If you didn't see an email or receive a call about winning a basket, but believe you were the highest bidder, call 920-725-8381 or email [email protected]


Thank you for joining us for Cel O'Bration 2021 Theme Basket Raffle!
And thank you for your support of St. Patrick Parish!


  • Natalie Carney

    Hello Debbi! Thank you for bidding on these baskets! I added your bids to each of these baskets so that others bidding can see them too.

  • Debbi Hamilton

    Basket 36
    Debbi Hamilton $20.00
    Basket 37
    Debbi Hamilton $20.00